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With Computer Repair City's Speedy Restore package, an A+ certified technician will come to your home, backup all of your important data, restore the operating system, and install free antivirus for $140 Flat.

Computer Repair City also provides in-home training, wireless networking, data recovery, and web design services. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your computing needs!


Speedy Restore! (Chicago/Green Bay Only!)

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An A+ certified tecnician will restore your computer, in-home, for $140 flat. If work cannot be completed in-home, the tech will take the box part of your computer back to the shop, backup all data, restore the operating system, install free antivirus, and return the pc for the $140 flat fee. We truly are half price of "The Geeks." After this service your pc will run like brand new!



All Other PC Services (One Hour Blocks)

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For all other pc services, Computer Repair City bills at $50/hr. You will be billed after the tech's visit/remote support session. You may use this service over the phone, in-home, or online by having us take control of your mouse. The diagnosis is FREE and you will be notified ahead of time for the hours a job will take.

Additional Information
On-site computer service is offered throughout Chicagoland and Green Bay. Remote sessions may be required if you are beyond our servicable area. Remote sessions may require you to insert cds or follow other on screen instructions. This is usually needed if the computer is infected with viruses/spyware that are more difficult to remove. Give us a call today and we will start fixing your computer immediately! 1-800-723-5945.
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